Our 6 Point Checklist

Do we like it?

The first step is whether the products look good! It sounds simple, but trust us it's not. What someone likes, somebody else hates. It's the nature of the game. So to get around this we start off with a long list of products and categories that are then whittled down by our experts after many small disagreements and thankfully very few heated arguments! But what it comes down to in the end is whether you, the customer, can see the product in your home. 

Where is it going?

Thankfully after the first stage of the process this one is a lot simpler but also an essential part of the process. Quite often it's obvious where a product would be placed or used in your home. For example our kitchen faucets are commonly used in kitchens and washrooms but on the other end of the scale we have wall hangings that can be placed almost anywhere in your home. The reason we follow what appears to be a pointless step is to ensure that whatever you use your purchase for, that it's fit for purpose and it will fulfil your requirements to the highest possible standards.

Why this product over another that looks similar?

It's a complicated point but if the answer doesn't pop out and our team is looking for reasons why a similar alternative is arguably better, then it's simply not going to make the cut. The reason we go through this process for each and every product is so that we can bring you the customer unique stand out products.

What is the quality like?

We’ve all bought products online that look great but then they don’t hit the mark. We aim to make sure that this never happens to our customers as each product goes through our full quality management process before they are shipped directly to you the customer. 

Are there enough available?

We only work with our trusted vetted suppliers that provide the highest quality products. With some of our products in high demand we never want to tell you the customer that it's something you can’t have. So with that in mind we ensure that product manufacturing processes and availability are known at all times so we can avoid any disappointment.

Finally, the price!

Quality and demand are 2 of the main factors that can affect a product's price. We make sure that nobody is held to ransom over the products that you want. If we don’t feel like something is worth the cost then you won’t find it at Guild Manor!