The Guild Manor Journal

Last years design trends following us into 2023
As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to reflect on the home decor trends that have dominated the past 12 months. From bold colors and patterns to natural materials and unique textures, there's been no shortage...
Hanging by a Thread: The Perfect Height for Pendant Lights
Learn how to choose the perfect hanging height for your pendant lights with this guide. Factors to consider include room layout, light fixture size, ceiling height and personal preference
How To Decorate A Bedroom With A Sloped Ceiling
Decorating a bedroom with a sloped ceiling (also called an attic bedroom or a bedroom with a slanted ceiling) can be tricky. You want to use every inch of space in your room with a sloped ceiling, and therefore you...
5 Reasons to Love Eclectic, Maximalist Style
5 Reasons to Love Eclectic, Maximalist Style There are two interior styles that embrace a more bold, energetic aesthetic.  Eclectic design is a style that includes many different styles, mixing periods and colors in a haphazard but ultimately refreshing and...
Japandi Style- What is it? how to implement it in your home, and how to get it right!
So far, this trend is standing the test of time. Here are our top tips for getting it right.